Process Post #11: Transmedia Storytelling and Media Ideologies

After reading an article about how the Pokemon franchise uses transmedia storytelling, I was inspired to consider ways that I can expand my online publication and reach. This proved difficult as I cannot turn my content into books, TV shows, movies, trading cards, video games, or home decor as Pokemon has done; I do not own any rights to “Black Mirror”. What I can do, however, is disseminate my content through multiple channels — forums, aggregator websites, social media platforms. I can’t post my content just anywhere, though. I need to use media ideologies or media know-how to determine which channels and audiences will be most receptive to my work (Renninger, 2014).

The first channel I would focus on is Reddit. I chose Reddit because it houses an active community of avid “Black Mirror” fans, 329,032 members to be exact, at the time of writing. On this platform, users create threads and contribute to threads by exchanging ideas, opinions, and theories about “Black Mirror” episodes, which makes it a prime spot for me to share my reviews. I can start threads on Reddit and encourage users to comment their thoughts on my blog posts as well.

The second channel I would focus on is YouTube. I chose Youtube because “Black Mirror” fans also use this resource to dissect “Black Mirror” episodes. YouTubers like Bryce Edward Brown and Harry’s Moving Media have amassed millions of views on their videos analyzing and explaining “Black Mirror” episodes. Many fans find this audible and visual format entertaining, so transforming my written work into a video will enhance accessibility, and subsequently, engagement. A podcast would be fun, too. I could invite fans to have fruitful conversations that dive deeper into “Black Mirror”.

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Cover Photo by Cristian Dina via Pexels

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