Process Post #10: The Rating System

Before I started to write reviews for this blog, I developed a rating system. I find it important to have these metrics in place to maintain a high level of quality and consistency in my work. Furthermore, this transparency and organization help my readers understand the process and rationale behind my evaluations. The rating system used to be located in my ‘About’ page underneath the information about the content and creator, but now I have dedicated a section for it on the navigation menu. I made this change after listening to positive feedback from my peers; I realized that the rating system is a key component of my blog and my reviews and should be more accessible.

I am dedicating a post to the rating system because, firstly, it’s unique to the blog, and it’s something I’m proud of. Secondly, by creating a separate page for the rating system and moving it to the navigation menu, it puts an emphasis that draws in attention and improves user experience. In an article by Sam Hollingsworth, he identifies user experience as a “pivotal element to a website’s success.” Thus, it is in the blogger’s best interest to ensure that users can find the information they are looking for efficiently without error. I purposely arranged for the rating system to precede the reviews on the menu to direct users to read them before reading my reviews to enhance readability. This positive user experience will contribute to search engine optimization and creates more traffic to my blog.

I recently updated the ‘Rating System’ page to include a list ranking the “Black Mirror” episodes I’ve reviewed. I have thought of introducing little sayings to explain what each rating means; for example, a rating of one star could mean “do not watch.” However, I do not want to dictate what people do. Just as I have agency and control over my domain, my readers should too. The hope is that adding more signifiers by linking out to my reviews will generate more interaction.

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Cover Photo by Markus Winkler via Pexels

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